Alita Moses - A New Voice In Jazz

The elegant beauty of Alita Moses lights up the stage with enchanting presence. She warms the audience with intelligent repartee and a finesse unique to the natural performer. But the real magic unfolds when the music begins.

Moses’ voice rings with all the easy sweetness of a pop chanteuse – and yet her clever arrangements expand into so much more. Within her original delivery, one can sense the complex musicality born in the jazz age and the soulful depths of rhythm and blues. Sprinkled with an attitude of funk and the harmonious strains of a disco diva, she heightens the space with a bright and atmospheric repertoire. With crescendo, syncopation, and improvisation she breathes new life into beloved jazz standards.

Despite the variety and mastery of Alita’s performance, her voice seems to rise and fall effortlessly in a seductive dance with the energies of her backing band. You might call her something of a ‘Broadway Baby’ since her mother spent a lifetime on the New York stage and her father as an operatic baritone and music teacher. But somehow even this tempting little title falls short of her artistry.

Moses was classically trained since childhood in the prestige of her musical pedigree. Her vast education and experience have primed her into a figure who seems to have been born for the stage. She glides through the cherished tunes of Billie Holiday to land gracefully into George Gershwin or Prince. Alita Moses flourished through conservatory training in jazz vocals to emerge as a singular talent, a lady of impeccable charm, as well as a lover and connoisseur of fine music.

Alita Moses will play this Saturday, October 8th at The Django, followed by Sophie Auster. For more information, please visit Reservations are encouraged.