Blackstones Sets Up (A Second) Shop At Roxy Hotel

Blackstones is one of those fantastic New York places that’s business in the front, but step inside and you become Alice through the looking glass, walking into a party art-directed by Woody Allen. Did a time machine transport you to Deyrolle, the chaotic curiosity shop in Paris’ Left Bank? Did that mounted bear head over by the antique barber’s chair just wink at you? Has the space/time continuum been torn asunder?

Blackstones owner Joey Silvestera has now created a completely different, no less transcendent world in his second location at The Roxy Hotel. On top of a hugely successful East Village salon space, the former taxidermist (hence the bear heads) has a clientele list to be envious of with regulars such as Alexander Wang, Chloe Sevigny and Helena Christensen.

On one hand, it’s all so fitting that the name Blackstone’s was chosen in homage to 20th-century illusionist Harry Blackstone: Silvestera’s second act is quite another world with plenty to delight the eye. He himself is calling the design fantastical, like “Parisian bathroom meets Blade Runner.” There’s marble, there’s brass, there’s a lot of light. An accent wall is the peach every girl wants for her cheeks. And those lustrous, olive green swiveling chairs? They’re definitely portals for transformations of the tress variety.

But while the environment looks different, the soul stays the same. The Tribeca shop will offer clients a variety of hair services including cut, color, blow-dry, gloss and smoothing treatments with its beloved stylists and staff. You’ll also see Silvestera’s environmentally-friendly and unisex hair care collection, Five Wits. It’s still locally made and full of botanical properties and fragrances designed to subtly linger. Imagine smelling like these combos: pine, lavender, and cedar wood, green olive and spices, or fig leaf and amber. All are bottled in-house and clients can bring the containers back for refills at a discount.

Silvestera first decided to partner with The Roxy when an introduction was made by Paul Sevigny, his friend and client, and is very excited to join the neighborhood. Sharing walls with the Roxy Hotel, Paul’s Baby Grand, The Django, and soon, Jack’s Stir Coffee, of two things we can be sure: the shear fits, and the neighborhood is equally as excited to welcome Blackstones.

For a full service list, click here.

For more information and bookings, come by the salon in The Roxy Hotel, at 2 Avenue of The Americas or visit