In The Spotlight - Beau

Elegant and demure, Heather Golden and Emma Rose of Beau create a stage presence like a painting by Andrew Wyeth – static and composed, yet stirring with underlying depth. Their soft soulful melodies draw us in with their lilting sweetness, then extend forth into courageous sweeps of strength and empowerment. A gentile pop sensibility resonates in their lyrics, rife with poetic vulnerability.

Both native New Yorkers and childhood friends, Rose and Golden taught themselves guitar in their early teens, and channeled the complexities of teenage drama into their passion for making music.  Through the years they have evolved together as best friends and collaborators to release their first self-titled EP in 2015.

Meanwhile their charm and talent have earned them international success as a uniquely prominent voice in pop culture, fashion photography and music video.

Heather and Emma took some time to answer a few questions and chat about their experience with their residency at the Roxy.

The Roxy Hotel: I see that you ladies are both native New Yorkers, how did the two of you meet?

Beau: We went to the same schools and summer camps. Our mothers were very close, so we kinda followed their footsteps

How has growing up in the city influenced you artistically?

New York City gave us the freedom to express ourselves at a very young age. We are lucky to have grown up in such a liberated environment with an overwhelming wealth of culture and art.

You two were quite young when you formed your band together. How old were you exactly? Who are the particular musicians who inspired you to take on the project and make music of your own?

We were about 12 years old when we started playing guitar. We were mostly inspired by the classic rock gods… Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and so forth…

Where does the name ‘Beau’ come from? Did you name yourselves after a particular person, or is there significance within the use of a masculine pronoun?

We really like how the word Beau rolls off the tongue. There is also definitely significance in the fact that it’s a masculine word…. it’s fun, being that we’re two girls.

What’s next for Beau in terms of recording, touring, or upcoming shows?

We are working on our second album now!

What is it about New York that you love best, speaking in terms of its general qualities and attributes?

We love how crowded and dirty New York is. Next to that, Italy is our favorite place in the world. Second best is Tokyo.

What aspects of the Roxy do you feel make it a fitting venue for the music that you make?

The Roxy is a beautiful hotel and space to share art and music. When we first walked into The Django we instantly felt the vibe and wanted to hop on stage and play a show!

Beau will play at The Django on Tuesday September 20th from 7:30pm. For more information and to reserve your table, please visit