The Blackstones Way - Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer

It’s a known fact that summer activities – and summer itself – can be hard on hair.

Some remedies, you ask? Here are three quick fixes from one of the talented stylists at Blackstones Salon, Jenny Johnson.

Moisturizing ShampooHydrating Conditioner
1. Keep your hair shiny and moisturized with Five Wits moisturizing shampoo and hydrating conditioner.

2. Instead of reaching for a blowdryer, pick up a cream to control frizz and enhance natural movement.  Bumble and Bumble’s Grooming Cream is an incredibly versatile product for this.  Apply a generous amount to wet hair, comb through and scrunch or twist.  A small amount applied to dry hair in the same manner will encourage even more texture and movement.

Living Proof
3. To refresh second day hair, Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is definitely a crowd pleaser for minimizing the days between washes.  Spray six inches from head in sections and then brush to distribute.

Feeling like you need a bit of a boost, or drastic change to coincide with the season? Blackstones is situated on the ground level of the hotel. For more information or to make an appointment, call (646) 666- 0574 or visit