The Lucky Bee Lands In LES

Downtown locals are all too familiar with the haven that Lower East Side has become. An eclectic community that continues to grow, folk to the east of Bowery have a bevy of dining and drink options laid out in front of them at any given time.

To the delight of some (and frustration of others), shops and restaurants continue to appear each month. Takeovers of original venues, pop-ups on previously empty lots or complete demolitions of spaces to make way for new shopfronts – the Lower East Side is an ever-evolving facade.

Last month, a new name moved onto the block and with booked out sittings, an array of write-ups and a listing on NY Eater’s Hottest 100 Restaurants for February 2016, The Lucky Bee is definitely a newcomer to keep an eye on.

Put simply, Lucky Bee is family-style street food. A restaurant based around an experience, not just another place to eat.

The new go-to is the brainchild of LES natives Rupert Noffs and Matt Bennett. The two met over 12 years ago noticed a lack of atmosphere and food quality in the Chinatown eateries they were dining at. With Bennett’s history at Fat Radish, and in Longrain (one of Sydney, Australia’s leading Thai restaurants), the two decided to produce something that fused Pan-asian and a farm-to-table mentality, offering fresh, seasonal and spicy dishes.

The setting is a mash-up of neon lighting and bright color schemes, succulent-laden ceilings and walls, and exposed brick walls. A main bar posts up in the center of the room, with smaller tables scattered throughout. An infectious soundtrack subconsciously triggers head bops and mumbled lyrics when you walk through the door, and the excited chatter of other eaters melds with the incredible smell of what’s coming straight out of the kitchen.

On offer are a number of dishes that cover finger foods, small plates and larger plates. Our tip is to order a variety of the smaller items, then share a main or two amongst your table. The steamed pork and sesame dumplings, along with the smashed cucumber salad are without-a-doubt winners to get you started. Then opt for the red curry of grass fed beef cheek or the crispy half chook as a main. We’ve also been given a secret tip-off that if you ask, you shall receive – a special off menu item of jelly fish salad is available if you’re interested. Manners whilst requesting are mandatory.

Another necessity are the cocktails – a liquid ode to bees. Noffs and Bennett both share a love for the insect and beekeeping, which is a passion reflected deliciously in drinks like “Save The Bees” and “If You’re Lucky”. The Karma cocktails are all laced with local NY honey, and when ordered, $1.00 of the sales go directly to the New York Beekeepers Association.

The best news is they’ve just launched a Happy Hour – The Lucky Hour. Go get your fix of $1.00 oysters, $5.00 house-made dumplings, $4.00 beers and $10.00 cocktail specials from Tuesday to Thursday from 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

View the menu here

The Lucky Bee | 252 Broome Street (917) 262.0329
Opening Hours | Wednesday to Sunday, 5:30pm – 1:00am