The Story Behind The Brew

As soon as you enter Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee, you’ll notice the menu isn’t one you’d find in any standard coffeehouse. With a story behind practically every item they serve, we asked Jack to give us the lowdown on how his menu items came to be.

Happy Jack

When I first opened in Greenwich Village 13 years ago, I was the guy opening the shop every morning at 5am. My go-to drink to start each day was black coffee, but by 10am I’d need something sweet to carry me into the afternoon. Enter the Happy Jack – a honey sweetened latte with a hit of cinnamon.

Mad Max:

When we were first up and running on West 10th Street, one of my early-morning regulars named Max would always stop in with her dog, Wylie. She’d order a large stir brew with a shot of espresso, and I’d joke that she was going to be Mad Max once she finished it. The name stuck, and so did the drink!

Farmer Dan

Named for world-renowned chef Dan Barber, of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. It’s an iced Americano with a shot of espresso, and it’s a serious eye opener. Dan came up with it in order to jump-start his creativity first thing in the morning, and it’s a great way to start a beautiful summer day.

The Mountie

A childhood best friend of mine produces small batches of maple syrup, and one day I sweetened my latte with the stuff. It was delicious, and the rest is history.

Dirty Harry

Named after the hairstylist to the stars, Harry Josh. I had no idea who Harry was when he first stepped into Jack’s, but from day one he knew exactly what he wanted and precisely how we should make it for him. The Dirty Harry is a soy latte, with exactly the right amount of vanilla – according to Harry, of course.


I thought my neighbor, Stella, was crazy when she asked me to scoop our organic cocoa into her stir brew coffee. I was wrong. Stella was on to something, so we put it up on the board. Don’t forget to add milk.

Teddy Boy

A not so sweet, perfectly sized treat shaken over ice to perfection. The Teddy Boy is a shot of espresso with a dash of sugar and a touch of cream – a drink we concocted some time ago for Ted Heller. Ted is a gifted author, a Jack’s regular, and son of the author Joseph Heller, who wrote “Catch 22.”