Pet Friendly

Pet Accommodations & Amenities

Pet friendly accommodations are available on designated floors, at no additional charge. The Roxy Hotel offers organic treats from Bocce’s Bakery, bedding, food , water bowls and doggy bags. Treat your pet to these amenities by contacting us prior to your arrival. We will ensure your furry friend never has to lift a paw.

Soho Grand Dog Park

Sure to set tails wagging, the Soho Grand dog park is open to all The Roxy Hotel guests—only a short walk away, it’s complete with fire hydrant water stations, bespoke benches, and garden design by Rebecca Cole.

Soho Grand’s Dog Park is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Pet Goldfish

Goldfish have been a part of the The Roxy Hotel room experience to welcome guests since the day the property opened in 200o. To make your stay more enjoyable, goldfish can be provided for the duration of your visit on request at no additional charge.