TriBeCa stands for the “Triangle Below Canal,” a pristinely modern residential and financial area located in downtown New York.  TriBeCa is bordered on the north by Canal Street, on the east by Broadway, on the west by the Hudson River, and on the south by Vesey Street.

Originally farmland and commercialized in the 1850s, New York City history reveals that the TriBeCa neighborhood is one of the oldest sectors of the city, dating back to the earliest years of settlement. And while the bedrock of the city explains its historic architecture and elegance, it’s also a neighborhood that loves transition. One of the hallmarks of the recent history of TriBeCa are the vast former industrial spaces that once attracted artists in the ‘70s and ‘80s for their scale, and have since been converted to multi-million dollar lofts that house some of the most notable New Yorkers.

Home to world renowned restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and numerous fine vintage and contemporary furniture stores, the neighborhood turns into a prime New York nightlife destination in the evening. The opening of the Tribeca Grand Hotel in May 2000 marked the arrival of the first New York luxury hotel in TriBeCa, making the neighborhood a one-stop destination for downtown Manhattan culture. Tribeca Grand, among the finest downtown New York hotels, is also located just a short distance from New York attractions such as Wall Street, Ground Zero, Greenwich Village and more.