Aire Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Baths is open daily from 9 am to 11 pm.

To make a reservation at Aire Ancient Baths, located just one block from the hotel, please call the front desk.


Aire is an oasis of calm that borrows from ancient history; the history that shows us how ancient civilizations made public baths an art for our senses. In ancient times, Greeks and Romans gave importance to banquets by inviting their guests to experience their thermal baths.

Aire was born in Spain and it is founded on the legacy of enjoying relaxation through water. The thermal experience includes a circuit through several water pools such as an ice pool (50F), cold pool (57 F), warm pool (97 F), hot pool (102 F), salt pool (the salt density of the dead sea) as well as the Propeller-Jet Bath, the Steam Room with aromatherapy, and the relaxation area, a place to rest on hot marble stones. The result: 16,000 square feet of peace.


Aire baths are always located on historical sites. The NYC building is in Franklin Street in the heart of TriBeCa. The building is from 1883 and it originally served as a textile factory. The original structure has been revealed and preserved. The exposed bricks, wood-beam ceilings and the columns are all original.

Many of the decorative elements are pieces with hundreds of years of history from different corners of the world: the solid white marble counter tops used in the dressing rooms come from old country houses in northeast Spain, the fountain located in the main lobby comes from a XVI century palace-house from Granada, pitchers made of clay are from Seville and all the lanterns are custom-made in Marrakesh.

All of these elements create a magical and unique experience.


The baths work in two-hour intervals within which guests may access the historic building to enjoy a 90-minute thermal session. The thermal experience includes a round of several pools at different temperatures: an ice pool (50ºF), cold pool (57ºF), warm pool (97ºF), hot pool (102ºF), the flotarium, a salt-water pool (with Dead Sea density and underwater music) as well as the Propeller-Jet Bath (97ºF), the Steam Room, and the Relaxation Room, where you can rest on heated marble stones and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of juice.

The bath experience can be enhanced with massages of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. There’s also the option of a four-hand massage (45 or 60 minutes).

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The rituals are the most holistic experiences at Aire. There are several components to the rituals; the first part takes place in a private area in the upper level of the building where a custom-made pool has been built to fit one or two people. You will soak in your selected element (wine, champagne, olive oil or citrus) After this comes a four-handed private massage and from there the experience continues descending to the bath area to experience the thermal circuit.
You can choose from the following rituals: Red Wine Ritual, Cava (Champagne) Ritual, Olive Oil Ritual or Kerala Ritual.

All of them are 210 minute long and can be enjoyed by one or two people.

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