On The Record with Roxy's In-Room Vinyl Program

We’re proud to announce our newest musical venture at The Roxy Hotel – our in-room vinyl record program. Upon checking in to your premium suite, you’ll find a TEAC turntable and a collection of carefully selected vinyl albums, handpicked by our very own Alix Brown. Here, we catch up with Alix to learn more:

The Roxy Hotel: What inspired the in-room vinyl program?

Alix Brown: The Roxy Hotel is different than any other hotel, so why have the same old sound system? With the vinyl program, each room has a curated collection. There’s even a back catalogue that people can choose from if you want something different, and you can even purchase the vinyl when you check out! The newly renovated rooms reflect that warm, comforting sound that vinyl gives out when played on a record player.

What’s the connection between the hotel and music?

There’s music coming out of every nook and cranny of this place. There’s live music almost every night of the week, both upstairs in the Lounge & Bar and downstairs within The Django walls, and there are always musicians milling around the space or staying at the property.

In a digital age, why go with vinyl?

It’s just more of a fun, hands-on format with a different kind of sound that you just can’t get from an MP3. On top of that, there is so much music that exists on vinyl that doesn’t live online. After staring at a screen all day, it’s nice to unplug from all things digital. Vinyl is a really fun experience.

Where can one find the best vinyl records downtown?

Academy Records, A1 Records, Bleecker Street Records, and Rebel Rebel in the West Village.

Let’s say you’re stranded on an island, and you can only take three records with you – which ones would you choose?

Good question – David Bowie’s Station to Station, Love’s Forever Changes, and The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street.