The Roxy Presents the 3rd Annual New Year’s Eve Surrealist Ball

Surreal: very strange or unusual; having the quality of a dream.

The time has come for The Roxy Hotel to once again transform itself into a Surrealist tableau in order to properly bid adieu to 2017. The 3rd Annual New Year’s Eve Surrealist Ball invites guests back to a modern-day version of the legendary 1972 ball given by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, complete with daring décor, exquisite costumes, and excellent entertainment. Get inspired by our album of Surrealist looks and get ready for a magical evening of premium cocktails, endless dancing, and a headlining set by none other than David Johansen.

Taking a cue from the original Surrealist Ball, the mood will be set with all-encompassing décor that pays homage to Surrealist masters Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and Man Ray, the perfect scene to compliment the fantastical looks by the evening’s hosts who live life as walking works of art. Nightlife icon and original club kid Kenny Kenny will once again dazzle with his visionary presence, Emperor Vanity Society will be holding official court, Ryan Burke and Archie Goats will bring their larger-than-life Surrealist sculptural looks, and a live installation by Muffinhead will feature the performers of Fou York. Special host Jon Burgerman will take over the Photobooth with Surrealist doodle-inspired props for guests to pose with, and long-time hosts Natalie Kates and Lori Zimmer will welcome special guests from the New York City art, fashion and nightlife world. The evening will center on a special performance by David Johansen who will have everyone dancing into 2018.

Although Surrealist-inspired dress is not required, guests are highly encouraged to throw caution to the wind and indulge in the fantasy. De Rothchild’s guests donned fancy dress with Surrealist heads, and guests of previous years have followed suit, wearing everything from subtle masks and headbands to elaborate makeup and over-the-top costumes. Think fancy, fabulous and nonsensical; add glitter to a set of antlers, wear three masquerade masks at once, paint a third or fourth eye onto your forehead, put a birdcage in your hair, glue a clock to your top hat. Look to Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Blitz Club, Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Leigh Bowery, Club Kids, Cubist, New Romantics, Rene Magritte, Paco Rabanne, Jodorowsky, Nick Cave Soundsuits and Elsa Schiaparelli to get you started. Each table will have some wearable surreal masterpieces for those who arrive early.

Every guest, including General Admission ($149) will enjoy Premium Open Bar from 9pm – 1am, Bar Seating ($199) will also enjoy Surrealist-inspired bites, and Premium Seating ($249) will also get tableside Premium vodka and champagne.

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Words by Lori Zimmer